Same Sex Power Couple In the MTG Commander Set

After just releasing a block set in the Pan-Asian inspired plane of Kaladesh, it’s pretty clear the card game Magic the Gathering is no stranger to diversity. They also revealed through a short story that Alesha, one of the characters from Tarkir lives as a trans woman and is firmly welcomed by her warrior tribe. Which brings you to a newly revealed card for the 2016 Commander, Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis

MTG has only recently started doing what I lovingly refer to as “Power Couples,” because they are two characters that exist as one creature, making them the Brangelina of Magic. The first couple to share a frame (IIRC) were Pia and Kiran Nilaar, combined for efficiency purposes for Magic Origins, a prequel set that followed five seperate Planeswalker’s and as such had a wide cast of characters. Eldrich Moon then featured Gisa and Geralf, a brother-sister pair of necromancers that raised dead through a mixture of science and magic.


Which then brings us to Kynaios and Tiro. The card mostly speaks for itself, the characters embracing each other and the flavor text speaking of their strong connection. I’m not crazy about the ability, but to each his own. Oh! And I suppose they are an interracial as well.

They are also part of the new ‘Nephilim’ Commander cycle that MTG fans have been waiting a long time for. This of course refers to the Nephilim from Ravincia, five bizarre creatures that were the first and only (until now) to use exactly 4/5 of the possible mana colors. This distinction is particularly useful in a Legendary creature, as in Commander games, the colors of the Legend you choose to “Command” your deck dictates what color cards you have access to. As such, 4 color legends have been requested for quite a while now, and were one of the main selling points when promoting Commander 2016.

All in all I tip my hat for MTG in regards to their drive towards inclusiveness, both inside and outside the game. They really have made it seem effortless.




My brother pointed out that not only are the statues in the background the “Guardians of Meletis,” a card from Theros, but that the statues themselves are made in honor of Kynaios and Tiro. There were questions of the statues being of a same sex couple, a fact that was the time confirmed by Mark Rosewater, and now the couple themselves have a card. In the Commander art, they are shown to be still under construction, as opposed to their art from Theros which tells of them being much older.

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